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Does Evening Primrose Oil Clear Acne? | Evening Primrose Oil Acne Treatment

Evening primrose oil is a fascinating omega-6 essential fat that can help your skin. Fighting acne in a non-prescription way is indeed possible with the right knowledge in collective effort of various different methods.You can buy Acnetame through it’s website.

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Can evening primrose oil help pimples and stop acne? Read more about how evening primrose oil can be a treatment for acne.

evening primrose oil for acne

What is Evening Primrose Oil?

Evening primrose oil or EPO is an essential fatty acid that is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose plant which grows in North America, Europe and part of Asia. It is one of 650 species of flowering plant that are part of the Onagraceae family. Native Americans have used this plant for reducing skin inflammation and healing wounds but it is most popularly used for hormonal acne breakouts and to help reduce PMS symptoms.

evening primrose plant

The essential fat that EPO contains is called “gamma-linoleic acid” or “omega-6”. If something is “essential” then that means your body can not make it itself and you need to get it from another source. This particular fatty acid plays a role in insulin absorption, brain growth, promoting skin elasticity…

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