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Is Ephedrine Similar to Adderall?

It surely is, but if you want something legal OTC please check out Addrena.

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  1. Great article.My story is just too long but I’ll say I took ephedrine bought at the corner store from 1999-2007.These were the best most productive,responsible,successful years of my life.I took one pill a day and none on off days and never more than one.Didnt build a tolerance.I also never got sick.Not even a cold.A year after the ban I went to see a dr about a back issue.They put me on pain meds and by following Drs orders and not knowing anything about pain meds I became hook for six years only to realize it was a substitute but a bad one.Finally after building a terrible addiction and finally beating it I’m back to the same person I was before 1999.
    Finally went to talk to a dr about what was wrong.ADD/ADHD was his answer and put me on Adderall xr.I questioned this because the meds did nothing so I went to get a second opinion and after a bunch of questions.Adderall ir 10mg.Started taking this and made my symptoms worse.Thats when it hit me that the mix and potency of ephedrine I took all those years may have been successfully treating ADD/ADHD.
    There is nothing on the market today for me that doesn’t come with high risk.Part of my life has been stolen.
    I hate to even talk about this because I know I’ll never be that clear and balanced again.
    Thanks for the article

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    • Wow Chris, your last sentence really struck a chord with me. I feel the exact same way, but about Adderall XR. A friend gave me a months supply and I felt for the 1st time in my life what I figure is “normal”. I guess I am luckier than you, in that if I could ever muster the mental strength/ organization/ optimism to see a doctor, maybe, just maybe I could get a script. How sad you can’t get your miracle substance. I do very very much applaud you for beating the pain pills, that is something to be proud of. Good luck to you 🙂


  2. Wow to the OP…i really thought i was the only one who felt like, thought i was crazy, but i knew ephedra had some miracle affect on my add. I have not found prescription meds that have come close. I too took ephedra from 99 to 2007. I excelled so much healtheise, socially, and professionally. Now I am running around trying to find substitutes…thiamine is somewhat helpful i have found, but definitely not the same…keep us posted if found anything new. Have you tried dmaa?


  3. I wanted to add I feel the same as all of you. Ephedra was a miracle drug. Not only for my ADD, but for my depression as well. I once received a letter to join a class action lawsuit and I refused. Why would I go against something that made me feel normal for once in my life. I hope someone does research on this to realize there are people who need it. Until then, I will keep taking my Adderall, which it seems they are trying to make it harder to get now. Good luck to all


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