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Addrena vs Adderall: Addrena Reviews- Best Supplements for College Students 2013

This Addrena Review talks about this natural supplement similar to Adderall which uses a combination of herbal OTC stimulants and nootropics to increase energy levels, and boost mental focus levels while Adderall uses a mix of synthetic amphetamine salts (Speed) to help treat ADHD as a prescription drug not available over the counter.

addrena versus adderall xr

Because Addrena versus Adderall use different means at achieving these results and are available for purchase in different places there are certain positive and negatives that are associated with each of these choices.

Effects on Focus and Learning

Prescription drugs like Ritalin and Vyvanse are also used by doctors to help treat ADD/ADHD, but Adderall is the strongest and most wanted drug for treatment purposes and also most wanted by college students looking to get an academic edge. When people think of ADHD they usually think of the inattentive type which many people just call “ADD.” It includes people who are both hyperactive and impulsive as well, sometimes these symptoms can even be combined. College students who are not affected by ADHD are interested in drugs and supplements to help them increase their grades through improved learning. Adderall has multiple studies showing it’s effectiveness for ADHD while several different ingredients have been studied for their improvement on focus, learning, and memory in Addrena. These ingredients include:

Bacopa Monnieri








Overall Stimulant Effect

In terms of overall stimulant effect prescription speed pills are the winner. This drug is a very powerful stimulant that can cause you to lose sleep, not be able to eat, and feel a bit off the day after using it. Some people really love taking the strongest stimulant possible and do not care about it’s after effects or are one of the few people to be able to handle it better. Addrena is an over the counter Adderall substitute that contains 600mg’s of Guarana, 250 mg’s of Bitter Orange, 100 mg’s of Yohimbe per pill which gives a strong non-prescription stimulant effect but not quite the same as a prescription drug. Addrena is not replacement for medication of any kind and is instead just a great product for people looking for OTC products like Adderall to boost energy without a prescription.

Brain Boosting effects

Adderall increases the amount of adrenal hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain thus stimulating the neurons to work more efficiently. It is questionable as to whether using such a strong stimulant is good for brain health for long periods of time. Addrena is a natural Adderall like supplement with stimulants which may work by a similar process of increasing the amount of adrenal hormones and neurotransmitter levels in the brain, but also has added benefits because of the nootropics it contains. Nootropics help boost the amounts of the vital neurotransmitter acetylcholine which helps the efficiency of the nerve cells while also providing neuroprotective benefits. These neuroprotective benefits could help both the long terms effects and overall health of the brain from the addition of stimulants. Because Addrena does not have studies behind it we cannot make drug like claims. We can say that we have sold over 30,000 bottles of Addrena as it is a very popular OTC stimulant supplement stack taken by people all around the world.

Appetite Suppression & Thermogensis

Many people are looking for fat loss when they are taking a prescription drug or when they take a natural substitute for pharmaceutical drugs. Two functions by which we lose weight are from the fat that is burned from the process of thermogenesis and from the decrease in the overall amount of food we intake from the suppressed appetite that we get.


Thermogenesis is a process that increases our body temperature which helps enable fat loss. Some people are totally unaware of why and how they become warm when they take prescription stimulants and are also unaware that it plays apart in the fat burning process. In terms of overall thermogenic effect Addrena may actually be superior to script bought speed drugs in terms of helping burn fat. It achieves this effect from the addition of Bitter Orange and Yohimbe extracts which are both potent thermogenics which work in a synergistic way together. Many people wonder what works like Adderall in terms of weight loss, Addrena is the best possible option you can buy OTC for this purpose.

Appetite Suppression

Adderall is one of the most powerful appetite suppressants that you could possibly take. Eating at all on this is drug is very difficult and the effects are very long lasting. People who struggle mightily with controlling their appetite love this effect while many others find it unbearable. For people who do not want as extreme of an appetite suppressant they can use Addrena which contains the chemical Syneprhine which effects our neurochemistry in a way that makes us less hungry, but not in an extreme way like a synthetic stimulant tends to. Because these herbal speed like chemicals in this product it makes it the closest thing to Adderall OTC.

Cost & Availability

Adderall is only available with a prescription but those prescription pills are often to sold to people in all walks of life from students at universities to people selling them to their co-workers in offices. The street price for an Adderall pill varies from about 5 to 8 dollars per pill depending on where it is bought. If you search hard enough for a long enough amount of time you will eventually find someone who will sell you the pills, but will they always be available for you? The answer is most likely no which is so many people look to buy a natural alternative to Adderall XR OTC.  Addrena costs 39.99 with payment through Paypal for 60 herbal pills which works out to 66 cents per pill and is available without a prescription. Addrena is not a drug but a potent stimulant and cognitive enhancer that we feel so comfortable with the fact that it will help you that we have a money back guarantee.

Addrena versus Adderall comes down to a choice between a powerful synthetic drug versus a strong herbal stimulant supplement that is not an exact replacement, but is stronger than other supplements on the market. While we cannot make claims in this Addrena review like a drug for legal reasons, we are very confidant that you will get an extra boost that you can’t find in other non-prescription products. We believe Addrena is the best over the counter Adderall alternative supplement.

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  1. Addrena versus Adderall: Best Supplements for College Students 2013 | Natural Alternatives to Adderall & Ritalin OTC: Addrena Reviews

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