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Are there Natural Alternatives to Adderall for ADHD? |Best OTC Stimulants

Thanks for reading our blog about natural Adderall alternatives. These are the best energy supplements in the form of OTC stimulants that also help increase focus and the loss of body fat.

Addrena is not meant to treat any medial condition. If you have ADHD please see a doctor for this issue. With that said Addrena is a potent supplement stack and the #1 best seller in it’s class.

Guarana 600mg’s

Guarana is one of those herbs that most people do not know much about, but should because it is superior to plain old caffeine as a fact. The reason Guarana is superior to caffeine is for two reasons in my opinion. The first being that Guarana has more than just caffeine as it also contains two other stimulants in Theobromine and Theophylline. The second reason why Guarana is more effective is because it has different natural stimulants that seem to be released more slowly than regular caffeine so your energy levels seem not to spike and lull as much as regular caffeine. To add on to that Guarana also contains Choline which is a powerful nootropic as it increases mental function because it is a precursor to the vitally important brain chemical Acetylcholine. This pill contains thirteen other ingredients that are either the best OTC stimulants or cognitive enhancers, but each pill contains 600mg’s of Guarana because it really is an effective herbal Adderall replacement supplement.

Bitter Orange 250mg’s

Bitter Orange is another of the best over the counter stimulants that helps give you long lasting energy as it contains three natural amphetamine like herbal speed like chemicals in N-Methyltyramine, Syneprhine, and Octopamine. What I have noticed from Bitter Orange is that it definitely gives a thermogenic effect, but not the strong boost of energy that a stimulant herb like Guarana gives me. What I like about it is the overall stamina that I get over a long period of time, I feel like it helps me avoid having that annoying crash. Bitter Orange is so powerful because even though it is found in a type of oranges, it’s chemicals are very closely related to those of neurotransmitters and adrenal hormones found inside our bodies like epinephrine which has a very strong stimulating effects. For that reason it makes a lot of sense that Bitter Orange is added into a natural Adderall alternatives to keep someone alert from these herbal adrenal hormone like vitality boosters. Bitter Orange has been taken for generations in China as it was an herb known to  help remedy various afflictions including feeling tired. Even though when taken alone it is not as energizing, when taken in the Addrena supplement stack it helps me feel alert for many hours. Bitter Orange is added in at dosage of 250mg’s per pill which is a good dose to feel this herbal stimulant in my opinion, because there are 60 pills there is an ample amount if you want to take two in a day as well .  These are just two of it’s three stimulants with the third being Yohimbe, which is another vitality and thermogenic ingredient that definitely works in a synergy when I take it with these other two components of this over the counter Ritalin replacement stack

Yohimbe 100mg’s

Yohimbe is the third herbal stimulant and natural adderall alternatives in this mental focus and long lasting ADD and ADHD supplement. Yohimbe is added in at just 100mg’s per pill because that is all that is really needed to feel the this herb, anything else would be over kill. I personally only like it how it is used in Addrena because this an herb where you get diminishing returns as you take too much from my experience, there is also only very little needed to create the synergy needed between these three stimulants together. Yohimbe is great because by itself at a low dosage it does not do that much for me, but when added to a good herbal stack is where it really shines for energy and even more specifically as a thermogenic. In order to get that drug like feeling from a OTC stimulants supplement I have learned through the years that you need to have the proper stack of energizing ingredients at the right mg’s to really “feel” it. I always make sure to not just check the ingredients in something, but to also check the mg’s because I have been fooled before. Also added for long lasting energy levels in this natural alternative for Adderall and Ritalin for adults are both Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Acetyl-L-Tyrosine which although are they do not directly energize us, do so by potentiating the effects of the stimulating herbs while also acting as a nootropic cognitive enhancer that helps mental focus.

ALCAR 100mg’s

ALCAR is an abbreviation of Acetyl-L-Carnitine which is an especially potent form of Carnitine because it is a more bioavailable form of this supplement. The higher the bioavailability, the higher the absorption rate of the product that you are taking. Carnitine is in everyone’s bodies right now because it is necessary for our bodies to produce energy from fat cells. By supplementing with ALCAR it allows our bodies to produce an energizing feeling that can work together with the more traditional stimulating herbal stimulants to allow and even greater boost to natural energy levels.
This study shows how ALCAR is metabolized in our bodies to create energy.

Acetyl-LTyrosine 50mg’s

Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is an important ingredient in this natural alternatives to Adderall because Tyrosine is an amino acid that eventually breaks down into Adrenal hormones like epinephrine which can have a stimulating effect on our bodies. Tyrosine and Carnitine usually do not have a huge effect when taken alone or together, but when they are taken both along with stimulants I feel a stronger burst of long lasting energy than without them, which makes perfect sense because of their background. Thanks for checking out my review of Addrena‘s stimulants, I wrote another one talking about it’s non-stimulant cogntive enhancers as well.


If you are concerned about which choices you make for food determines your focus and overall intelligence check out one of our newer articles here entitled, “What Natural Foods Work Like Adderall.” Many people search for vitamins like Adderall, although it is impossible get the exact results with vitamins, Addrena also contains B-12, B-6, and Choline which have shown in studies to boost our brain.


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