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Natural Vitamins that Work like Over the Counter Adderall Alternatives for Energy and Focus

Many people look for natural vitamins that work similar to Adderall as non-prescription supplements to improve brain power and energy in a powerful yet natural way.

What natural vitamins help improve brain functioning like Adderall and how do they help enhance our amounts of energy and focus without a prescription?

Even though natural vitamins may not be able to give results equally powerful as medications like Adderall and Ritalin, they can still give us a boost to our memory, attention levels, and learning capabilities. Not only that but these natural supplements are also being studied for their possible positive effects that they can have for mental health issues such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases because of their neuro-protective benefits and ability to help neurotransmitter functioning.

natural vitamins that work like adderall

Besides natural supplements it is also important to be eating foods high in these vitamins so that we are sure to be getting the necessary amounts needed by our brain. The people who will get the biggest benefit from taking these nutrients are those that are currently deficient in them, for this reason the recommended dosages needed are also given. This blog will cover the cognitive boosting effects of B3, B12, D, and Choline.

Can Vitamin B3 Improve Brain Functioning?

Over the counter adderall alternatives for energy and focus

Known for it’s skin flushing effect at higher dosages that also gives some people a tingling feeling in their skin, B3 (Niacin) is needed by our body for many functions but specifically effects our ability to concentrate and our energy levels. Also known by the name “Nicotinamide” Niacin works in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in our brain as does the addictive drug nicotine which is commonly found in both cigarettes and e-cigarettes, both of which have nootropic qualities in that they enhance brain functioning.

Because Alzheimer’s disease involves a breakdown of these same brain receptors where niacin works there are studies currently being completed to see this supplement’s effectiveness for treating this condition. Because nicotine from cigarettes and e-cigarettes is shown to help increase brain functioning, it is also possible that supplementing with niacin could also help. If we are lacking B3 in our diet or from supplements bought over the counter the side effects can be quite similar to ADHD symptoms. It is also interesting to note that there is a link between people who have ADHD and those that develop Alzheimer’s disease.

You can take this natural supplement at the daily recommended dose of 16mg’s a day which can also come from tryptophan as every one mg of B3 is equivalent to 60mg’s of tryptophan we consume.

Vitamin B-12 Provides Improved Energy and Focus

Vitamin B-12 is one of the most talked about B-vitamins as many people take it to naturally boost their energy, it also happens to be one of the nutrients people are most likely to not be getting enough of from their diet which in turn negatively effects our memory and energy level which is why it is so popular as an over the counter supplement.

vitamin b12 for brain function

Vegetarians are specifically have trouble getting the necessary amount of B-12 because it is found mostly in meat, fish, and eggs. B-12 is well known by athletes who want to improve their energy and focus levels as it is often used in an injectable form as getting higher the daily recommended amount further increases the amounts of energy and focus for the user. When major league baseball player Roger Clemens was asked if he used anabolic steroids he actually claimed that it was Vitamin B-12 he was being injected with. The reason an athlete or student may want to use B-12 to enhance their performance is because B-12 helps transport oxygen to blood cells and also can lower homocysteine levels which when elevated causes inflammation in our body including in our brain that can damage our health and overall mental performance.

Can We Be Consuming too Many Mg’s of B-12?

Because B-vitamins have a low toxicity level it is difficult to take too much of them. The reason why we don’t have to worry about overdoing it with them is because they are water soluble which means that they naturally flush excess amounts out of our bodies as opposed to fat soluble which can become toxic if we take too many of them.

Almost 2/5th’s of All People Are Thought to be Deficient in B-12

Meaning that many people right now are suffering from an unnecessary lack of energy and focus because they could easily either be taking supplements or eating foods that contain B-12. It is also important to note that there are many aggregating factors that can lower our B-12 levels such as smoking, excessive drinking, and taking antibiotics. The daily recommended amount of B-12 to consume is 2.4 mcg’s.

Choline is Well Known for it’s Brain Boosting Effects

Choline is grouped together with the B-vitamins although it is not one and has many important effects within the human body including in our brain where it is a building block of the neurotransmitters named acetylcholine of the cholinergic system. It is important to support acetylcholine production because this neurotransmitter controls our mood, memory, and intelligence. These important brain functions are shown to improve in studies that were done on pregnant rats who’s offspring’s intelligence was correlated with the amount of choline that they consumed.cognitive function choline

For these reasons it seems like a smart decision for people to eat foods and takes OTC natural supplements to enable their brain to operate at it’s highest capability. An interesting fact about choline is that infant formula not made from cow’s milk is required by the government to include choline supplemented into it. If someone isn’t yet impressed by the many attributes choline has for our brain functioning it is also used pharmaceutically for neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Bipolar Disorder, and Parkinson’s disease. The daily recommended amount of choline to consume is 425mg’s for women and 550mg’s for men.

Vitamin D is easy to get but why are 75% of People Deficient?

vitamin d sunshine vitamin

New research shows that Vitamin D plays a role in elderly people developing dementia leading many people to believe that it plays a deeper role in other cognitive functions, especially considering that people with ADHD symptoms are more likely to develop dementia issues. This nutrient is easy to get into our body because our skin absorbs it when we go into the sun. When we do not go in the sun or eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D we causing a decrease in phosphorus absorption in our brain which has specifically been shown to cause cognitive malfunction therefore reducing mental capabilities while also be a factor in neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Amazingly interesting is the fact that studies have shown that 75% of people are deficient in this nutrient making it an easily fixable issue by either going into the sun or by eating foods like fish and mushrooms.

Addrena Contains B3, B12, Choline and Much More

Thanks for checking out this blog about natural vitamins similar to adderall in that they improve brain function as over the counter supplements. Sometimes we may feel vitamins alone will not give us the boost we want and may feel like we need a stack that includes vitamins like B3,B12, and Choline along with herbal stimulants and nootropics products like in Addrena. There is no natural form of Adderall, but the closest thing are over the counter Adderall like stimulants and nootropics stacked to increase energy and focus to speed you up mentally as an alternative.

addrena energy focus fat loss

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