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OTC Adderall Substitute Supplements. Best Closest Natural & Similar Herbs, Diet Foods, Pills, & Vitamins that Add Energy & Focus With No Prescription You Can Buy to Speed Studying

Why Can’t you Buy Over the Counter Adderall Legally in Stores? Are There New Natural Forms OTC?

      You can’t buy OTC Adderall legally in stores like CVS or other drugs stores and health shops like GNC, but this is nothing new. Is there a natural form that is non-prescription?

Adderall AlternativesThe reason you cannot buy Over the Counter Adderall is because it is considered a scheduled 2 drug as it is only meant to be taken under doctor supervision. Adderall is prescribed for people who suffer from different conditions including ADHD and Depression. Adderall’s believed function is it’s ability to increase the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain for people who have trouble properly producing it. There are many people who do not have a medical condition and are not trying to replace this drug with legal OTC stimulants and just want to experience the energy, focus, and possible weight loss that they can obtain from a powerful prescription drug like Adderall. This leaves people in a situation of either obtaining it illegally or using over the counter products in the form of natural and herbal supplements instead. Adderall cannot be bought over the internet even though many people try to source it from places like Canada, Mexico, the UK, the Philippines, or Thailand. This blog discusses different alternative products that can add these benefits and also highlights the best new over the counter Adderall substitute that is legal in Addrena. There is no natural form of this powerful prescription drug, we therefore must look to similar supplements that are available without a prescription to help improve our studying, work performance, and weight loss.

What Over Counter Stimulant Supplements can Give us Energy, Focus, or Weight loss?


Coffee is a legal OTC stimulant that is herbal and found everywhere in the world which is a tasty way to help energize us, especially for short periods of time. Coffee gives us energy and increased focus levels because it contains the stimulants caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. Whether you make it yourself or buy it at Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks coffee allows for a quick boost with an average amount of 60-135mg’s  per cup of coffee. Coffee also helps us from getting tired because it contains chlorogenic acids which are antioxidants which help energize us. The caffeine in coffee has also been shown to boost cognitive abilities while also increasing energy that can help in turn burn fat when doing cardio exercises. Coffee is one of many non-prescription alternatives to Adderall that is natural and available over the counter.


This herbal non-prescription Stimulant is legal and from Brazil having the highest amount of caffeine of any herb with the seeds which are about the same size as coffee beans,  but have twice the caffeine content. Guarana also contains theobromine and theophylline besides containing choline in it which is a well known nootropic cognitive enhancer. Guarana is a popular herb especially in Brazil where it is added into in teas and soda’s besides also being found in pill form in health food and nutrition shops around the world.

Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and Other Drinks

Energy drinks offer a quick and easily accessible way to increase energy levels as an over the counter stimulant option. The caffeine in these drinks can either be of either of a natural or synthetic variety. Other ingredients found in these drinks that increase energy are various types of b-vitamins that help our bodies more efficiently give us a boost of vitality.


Nootropics are also known as “smart drugs” and describes various different types of substances whether natural or synthetic that safely improve cognitive function. They do so by increasing the levels of neurotransmitters in our brain making our neurons interconnectivity more efficient leading to better mental processes like enhanced concentration and memory. Nootropics have even been studied for their effects for ADHD, but it is too early them to be used for this reason.


This supplement stack is the best possible option OTC for people to lose weight and does not contain any types of stimulants. It achieves these results in weight loss by having a powerful ingredient stack of natural appetite suppressants and thyroid boosting ingredients for adult men and women.


natural form of Adderall Addrena is a unique legal OTC stimulant and nootropic stack because unlike the other products mentioned above it offers the best energy, focus, and weight loss in one stack of natural ingredients and vitamins available over the counter without a prescription. Because it contains three herbal stimulants these herbal energy boosters similar to Ritalin combine to give even greater output than other products and drinks can give. Addrena also has multiple ingredients that are nootropic cognitive enhancers as well further adding to the mental capabilities it can help someone acquire. The same natural supplements in Addrena that offer an increase in energy production also have the added benefit of having thermogenic properties as well. Thermogenesis is the process of  increased heat production in a person that helps enable them to burn more fat. The closest thing there is to a natural form of Adderall would be a supplement like Addrena. Otherwise we can look into using OTC bought items that only contain caffeine, and possibly even nootropic supplements with the understanding that nootropics do not increase our ability to energize us. I hope this article helped explain why we cannot buy Adderall over the counter and how we can achieve results for energy, focus, and fat loss through natural products and supplements without a prescription. Why can’t I focus on anything like school, work, or even just reading?

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