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Natural Alternative to Adderall | Addrena Reviews | Over the Counter Adderall CVS?

I am going to break this natural supplement similar to Adderall into different sections that I think are important.

OTC Adderall Alternatives

I think when we are looking for an over the counter pill like Addrena there are certain characteristics we are looking at in order to know if it is the right product for us to buy which are the ingredients, value, and the overall effects. Because of the powerful stimulants in Addrena an added bonus to this supplement is it becomes a diet pill similar to Adderall in how it works. Products like (Over the counter natural Adderall alternatives are not available at stores like CVS and only through websites like

Ingredients and OTC Adderall Substitute

Definitely a well rounded stack that includes a mix of cognitive enhancers and energy boosters that increases both alertness and our ability for mental concentration. There is definitely a difference between the two types of effects as many people mix them up.  On one hand we want be able to be alert to the point we can respond quickly and efficiently to certain types if stimuli like a question from our boss, but at the same time if our bosses then asks us a follow up question that involves deeper thought like mathematics or in depth managerial philosophies we also want to be able to not just be able to respond quickly but also in an accurate manner. Both stimulants and nootropics can help with these functions but for me personally stimulants keep me more alert while nootropics help me more with deeper thoughts.

OTC Stimulants in Addrena

Addrena gives me a nice boost of energy and speed off of the recommended dose of one tablet, I have heard of people who who handle stimulants really but myself and most other people I think the recommended dose will give whoever takes it plenty of energy. The characteristic of Addrena that sets it apart from other energy and focus supplements is the fact that it has the most effective mix of stimulants and nootropics. Some supplement stacks for example go too heavy on one component like caffeine and only in one form, I bought a product like that back in the day at GNC that gave me a weird feeling and not the energy I was hoping.

Addrena has three stimulants in it in caffeine, bitter orange, and a small amount of yohimbe. The key to the alertness and energy to me comes from the fact that there is not an overload of caffeine and the fact that there is both regular caffeine added in as well as some natural caffeine in the Guarana which in my opinion gives a more even flow of energy unlike other brands that give you that spike and crash. I emailed the company and asked them if there were any side effects for Addrena/Adderllin, they told me that when the product was first released in 2010 that the serving size was 2 tablets instead of one and that some customers said that dose was too strong and that they have since changed the dosing that year to only one pill per serving and that since then no one has complained about the product being too strong. I have taken two pills and it was pretty strong, I suggest people only take one unless they have both a long history of taking stimulants and have taken Addrena for awhile. The tablets actually break in half as well, so taking a half a dose is an option as well. Finding a product that is exactly like a prescription drug is not possible, Addrena is still a powerful natural alternative to Adderall that is the best legal speed pill on the market because it actually works.


The key to nootropics in my opinion is the need for a nice stack of them to get the most results. Addrena has a great set of these compared to lesser formulas that contain only supplements like Gingko Biloba which do very little from my experience, at most I think that supplement may help with abstract thought but I can’t remember ever feeling anything at all, I also don’t remember anyone saying it does anything either. Addrena contains a stack of acetylcholine inhibitors including Vinpocentine, Huperzine, and DMAE among others. Supplements also in Addrena like Tyrosine and Carnitine also have nootropic effects while also helping give me a stronger stimulant feel in my opinion. Supplements affect everyone differently, I am just sure to check that whatever I buy online has a money back offer so I have nothing to lose.


What I’ve noticed about other supplement stacks that are somewhat similar to Addrena is the fact that they are over priced. Addrena costs 39.99 for 60 tablets while making each pill making them about 70 cents per pill. Per pill I see other products costing about double or slightly less from my math, I am sure many other people do the same sort of thing as I do searching around for the exact cost of items I am looking to buy. Also compared to energy drinks Addrena is not only more powerful in my opinion, but also a better deal too. Not to mention there are no energy drinks that contain any real nootropics in them either.

My Final Thoughts on my Addrena Review

Some products speed me up and then let me down pretty badly in similar way that drinking to much coffee can do to me. Addrena is the only supplement stack that I have ever taken that I don’t get that terrible crash, for me that is a first from any over the counter product that I have ever tried and think it is very much worth giving a shot. None of these products that people look  for that are similar to Adderall OTC are exactly like drugs, but Addrena is definitely the most effective option that is legal to boost energy of focus levels. Thanks for reading my Addrena review, I will reviewing more supplements soon including natural Adderall alternatives.




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  1. This product has a money back guarantee.



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