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What is better than Adderall for concentration?

Is there anything other than or better than Adderall for concentration? Natural Adderall type supplements are your best option.

A container of Adderall XR

A container of Adderall XR (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone knows that prescription Adderall whether in 10, 20, or 30mg’s is the most powerful stimulant that you can take to increase your overall productivity. The one important ingredient though Adderall is lacking to help concentration are natural and non stimulant nootropics added into the stimulant itself. Adderall is the best focusing agent possible for many people, some people though are non-responders or feel it’s effects less so and require nootropic cognitive enhancers for their brain to operate at it’s highest level. Many supplements have been tested and have shown at least some sort of promise or need for more testing to see their effects on learning, and overall focus and concentration.  Here are a list of some non-stimulant and stimulant supplements that may help in these areas.

For non-stimulant supplements to be most beneficial it is best to stack multiple nootropic brain boosters at once to elicit a powerful enough effect for the user. Nootropics work by elevating the amount of acetylcholine in our brains thus helping our neurons work in a  more efficient manner. Nootropics also have neuro-protective properties unlike prescription stimulants like Adderall which do not have effects that protect the brain from oxidative stress. For these reasons taking a stimulant alone won’t work for many people as they need the added benefits that cognitive enhancing nootropics can give. When these non-stimulant brain boosters are combined with herbal stimulants the results combine for an even stronger effect than if used separately.

Adderall and supplement stacks like Addrena can benefit our mental focus levels but are not a silver bullet to increased concentration where we truly need it. Having an organized approach with goals made ahead of time can make the use of both stimulants and/or nootropic cognitive enhancers highly effective tools to enhance our lives. Natural Adderall alternatives like Addrena can definitely make life a bit easier though!

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