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Von Miller Of the Denver Broncos Back after Adderall Suspension- Did he Cheat?

Von Miller of the Denver Broncos will be returning to play for the NFL after serving a six game suspension for taking the prescription drug Adderall which some people consider cheating.

Von Miller

Von Miller (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

Von Miller is the best defensive player on his team and had the third most sacks on a quarterback of all NFL players in 2012. Von says that he has ADHD and that he has taken Adderall from a prescription his doctor gave him since his first year of college, but many people take this illegal stimulant to boost energy and focus levels. Whether or not he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is up for debate, what is not up for debate is the fact that Adderall is a prescription stimulant being made up of different types of amphetamines. In a recent interview Von spoke about being at an even lower body fat percentage now and that he is as fast ever. It will be interesting to see if he regains his old form or if he possibly cannot perform at the same level without the help of this synthetic amphetamine. He made these statements because it is natural that people question someone who has been performing at such a high level while taking such a powerful stimulant.

Many people would even consider what he did cheating and also even question how prevalent ADHD actually is within the public. Stimulants are prevalent in many sports with Adderall being the most widely used drug. Another player in major league baseball Miguel Tejada was suspended for 105 games recently for use of  the same drug. Stimulant use in sports like football have been an issue for many decades in fact as some players like Lawrence Taylor used Crack/Cocaine , Lawrence is considered by many to be the best defender of all time making people wonder if his stimulant use helped or not as well. Some would say there is a a big difference between cocaine and adderall, but in fact there are more similarities than differences as both are powerful stimulants which increase dopamine levels making it’s users prone to addiction. The NFL has a very strict policy against any kind of stimulants, even OTC stimulants like pseudo-ephedrine found in Sudafed and substances like Synephrine found in over the counter Adderall alternatives like Addrena are banned from use. Also of note is the fact that Von was busted trying to circumvent the testing policies by having a friend donate some urine.

Von Miller’s team the Denver Broncos are 6-0 without him, but have given up enough points to the point it has been noticeable they could use him at times. ESPN did an amazing job covering Von’s story in this video. 

It will be interesting to see if he can bounce back from this suspension and return to form or if his performance is lacking leading to whispers about Adderall acting as a PED in his case.

Thanks for checking out our blog and remember that the best natural alternative to Adderall is just plain hardwork, as motivation and preparation cannot be substituted.


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