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Addrena Side Effects? What Are They and Does Addrena Work?- Review For Addrena

What are Addrena’s side effects? Does it actually work to add long lasting energy and mental focus?

Addrena is an OTC alternative for work and studying than using prescription drugs like Adderall and Ritalin for this very purpose. People use this product not as a natural substitute for ADHD as that is doctor diagnosed medical condition, but instead just to help improve their performance as many business people and college students are looking for supplement or even medications in some circumstances that can help give them a professional or academic edge. With any types of stimulants that actually give results there are always side effects associated with products and drugs that speed us up. Of course an over the counter beverage like coffee is going to have less side effects than say Meth-Amphetamine, but even coffee can have some very annoying and at times debilitating side effects. The same way we can break down any stimulants side effects we will break down Addrena and how it make us feel.

Do You Crash From It?

No, there is actually no crash from this energy boosting stack which is hard to come by. With energy drinks and coffee products that is the biggest problem with them and is the reason that so many people look for a better option. The reason why Addrena in my opinion doesn’t make you crash is that it contains smaller doses of different stimulants instead of one large main ingredient. For example an energy drink has a large dose of caffeine while Addrena has smaller doses of other stimulants to give a better combined effect. Even the just caffeine alone is broken into two different sources possibly helping give it a more time released effect of energy.

Does it make you jittery?

How someone reacts to a stimulant is many times a very personal experience that is very difficult to predict from person to person. In general I think Addrena effects people based on their prior stimulant use. So if you are sensitive to stimulants there is a chance you could be slightly over stimulated with one pill, but it isn’t some terrible cracky like feeling you get from illegal drugs or anything like that. Going over the recommended one pill is definitely not a good idea hence why it says to only take one pill. With all this said some people I have spoken to say they don’t feel just one tablet, these same people also have far more experience with stimulants and know that going into taking any over the counter supplements for energy.

Does it increase blood pressure?

Any stimulant you take including coffee will increase your blood pressure, for this reason doctors tell their patients dealing with heart issues to totally cut out any type of caffeine in their bodies including coffee and related products. Addrena is stronger than coffee and therefore will increase blood pressure even more so in my opinion. If you have issues with blood pressure I suggest you aly on the stimulants in general and look into the root cause of this issue as to not cause yourself any problems with your health.

Does it have a money back guarantee?

Yes, the Addrena has a money back guarantee described on their website.

Does it increase energy and focus levels?

I think Addrena is highly effective at increasing energy and focus and has minimal side effects if taken as directed at the dose of just one pill like is directed. The product has been around for over 4 years now and looks to be the best seller in it’s category. Addrena overall is an effective non-prescription Adderall substitute for enhanced energy and focus that is very effective in terms of results versus sides effects.




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